Plan Your Pepper Gardens Now

Now is the time to be planning your pepper garden. Plant the peppers that you will use or the peppers that you plan on selling at market.  I strongly recommend the Hatch Green chile seeds. They kept me in fresh green chile all season long!
My favorites last season were Shishito, Cayenne, Chocolate Habanero, Barker’s Hot, Sandia Hot, and Hatch (AgCo Fire Green). I also really like the hybrid Giant Marconi.
There are thousands of ways to enjoy peppers, and here area few examples of how I use mine.  The sweet shishitos were fried in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. The cayenne was dried and ground into powder for chocolate cayenne cookies. One very hot chocolate habanero was used in each of my fresh salsa batches. The Barker’s, Sandias and Hatch were all freshly roasted on my gas grill each night for dinner. The sweet Giant Marconi’s were new for me, and they were deliciously stuffed and baked.
Seeds from
As the owner of Sandia Seed Company, I grow all 27 varieties of seeds to guarantee the integrity of the seeds. My garden contains mostly bhut jolokia plants for the seed production. I plant my favorites at the edge of the garden for easy access and harvesting. Happy planning.

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