Chocolate Habanero

Yum, this little pepper has great taste and extreme heat.  Its scoville unit rating is 325,000 to 425,000 making it still edible and delicious in salsa. This habanero may be the most productive variety of all. More than 150 peppers can be harvested from one plant. The fruits begin green in color and grow to 2-1/2″ around. They turn chestnut brown and then a deep chocolaty brown at full maturity.  Here in Albuquerque the harvest began in early September, and is still going strong 4 weeks later.

With a huge increase in growing and consuming hot peppers this one is very valuable. Farmer’s markets and Organic stores sell these for a premium.

Chocolate Habanero – Capsicum chinense – (110 days)  Seeds can be purchased at


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